Michele Faccin designs celebrate a new concept of jewelry. He breathes life into new conception of design and creates powerful and symbolic forms from precious metals, semi- and precious crystals. He’s creatively restless, forever exploring new designs, concepts and techniques.

"There's a moment when the creativity borns and rises, at that point, as if by magic, the artist creates a masterpiece, making of jewelry eternal objects, able to convey emotions, history and the charm that animate the birth of each piece”. His style appeals to those who favor the hand-crafted over mass-produced. His jewels are infused with spirit, insight and a rare depth of emotion.

For a boutique shops, Michele Faccin Jewelry is remarkably prodigious. In addition to meeting a rising demand for his established lines, MICHELE and his team create new elegant, whimsical and moving designs. The new collection are presented at the most important fairs in the Europe, as VicenzaORO, OROArezzo, Iberjoya, Inhorgenta and Warsaw Fair.

The core strength of the Michele Faccin brand is the restless creativity that runs through the company and its evolving designs. This drive to innovate and explore leads to breakthrough techniques and exciting new designs. The goal is to pave new roads, and set a new standard for jewelry design excellence. Evolving Collections are introduced several times per year. Some are available only for a limited time. Others are added to the Signature Line to live on as a classic piece.

Michele Faccin Jewelry is handcrafted in Vicenza known as the capital of Italian gold processing due to its many small craft businesses that continue a local goldsmith tradition that has lasted thousands of years. All of our products and their components have been designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in Italy.

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